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Do you wonder who our Denver commercial security systems customers are? There’s biggest and most secure places you may visit. Many banks, hospitals, airports trust us with all of their security system needs. We take great pride in making sure some of the most important buildings you go in each day are protected by us. We take your security there extremely seriously. Make sure we install only the best systems in these companies using state-of-the-art equipment. That’s right most places.

Install a Denver commercial security systems it comes with a 25 year warranty. This is one of the best values across all industries. How can be a lifetime warranty when it comes to your high-end commercial security system. We like to make sure that our customers are confident that even after we leave their brand-new system work and operate properly for many years to come after we leave. Making a very old declaration of our beliefs that our security systems stand the test of time is designed to make our customers feel at peace knowing that our company will stand behind them in the event their new system is not working properly.

The leading manufacturers of Denver commercial security systems choose Catalyst Communications as the number one recommended system integration company when it comes to your businesses security. Having installed thousands of security systems over the last century very few companies have the in-depth knowledge to make sure that your system is performing to the best of its capabilities at all times. We continuously work to improve and grow in the knowledge of the products that we install our customers businesses. We like to think that the only thing we do better than install security systems and provide excellent customer service. Any time there is an issue with a customers system we make sure that we resolve it immediately.

With 75 years worth of installing commercial security systems you will not feel the find many companies with more experience in the industry. This helps us reassure you that you are getting a company that knows what they are doing. The key area of focus for us to keep our business running for so long been the outstanding customer service. This combined with superior product knowledge and continually evolving with the latest and greatest equipment has kept us at the front of the pack when it comes to the best commercial security installation companies. Despite being in business for many years we continually learning grow to adapt to changes in technology and customer demands.

We think that we would be a great fit for your company to handle your security needs. All you you have to do is call (505) 433-1822 to get contact with us so we can provide you with more information. Before jumping on the phone feel free to check out our website to learn more information about us as a company. You also may become aware of some products that you did not realize that we offered. We would love the afternoon work with you and your company to make your employees and customers as safe as possible.

When it comes to Denver commercial security systems are you wondering what the best in the market are? Due to our 75 years working in the commercial security surveillance industry we can make sure that you have nothing but the latest and greatest technology in your business. Your company be protected by the industry leaders and security systems. We have thousands of successful installations for companies and businesses just like yours. Having been in the business for so many years and evolving with all the new security systems over the years, no one is more qualified to make sure that your business is protected them Catalyst Communications. Let us help you secure your company now.

When it comes to looking for the most highly trusted and recommended Denver commercial security systems experts look no further than Catalyst Communications. No company is endorsed by more leading manufacturers us. When purchasing a security system you will oftentimes be referred to us to handle the installation and implementation of your new security system. This is because there are few companies with the combined knowledge of security systems that our company possesses. Not only do we come highly recommended from our previous customers after immensely successful installations, the people making the equipment will point you are direction as well.

Because we only deal in high quality Denver commercial security systems we are the preferred installation company for many of the most important buildings you will enter. These buildings include things like banks and hospitals. When companies needing security like this turn to you for their security needs you take them very seriously. These are some of our most heavily visited buildings in each of our communities. Making sure people are safe and sound while visiting these institutions is our number one priority. That’s right we take great satisfaction in knowing that we are the ones helping keep you safe whenever you visit your local bank.

Are you interested in having a lifetime guarantee on your commercial security system? Great we thought so, that is why we have placed a 25 year warranty on all cable and communication lines installed by our company. Any hardware that fails during the manufacturer’s warranty will be replaced by the manufacturer. After the acquittal is replace we are more than happy to help install the new equipment. When you are investing in a commercial system like this, having the peace of mind it will be around for a long time is priceless. Don’t miss out on this value!

If we have given you enough reasons and made you a believer in our product call us so that we can set up an appointment now. Our office line will patch you through one of our highly skilled employees will take care of scheduling an appointment for you and your business. They can be reached at (505) 433-1822 during regular business hours. While on the phone with our employees take a moment out of your day to check out our website to make sure you know there is everything to know about our company at If this creates any more questions for you feel free to ask us any questions on the phone.