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Consulting & Commissioning Services | Commercial Security Systems

Our unique program of consulting and commissioning services allows CCG Inc to handle the headaches of code compliance, project construction, and working with telecommunications services contractors so you can still run your business during the new construction or renovation of your low voltage projects.

We will serve as the owner representative from the design phase to the turnover of the network. We will assist with third party design, inspection and final approval for all your low voltage or Denver commercial security systems needs.

Our certified design engineers and project managers and can assist with the design of the project, product specifications and systems project management, compose request for proposal, review responses, handle design changes and change orders, limit changes orders, ensure project timeline and completion.

Our years of expertise in the industry will allow us to make recommendations that best fit your unique needs. We will track the job as it is installed to ensure code compliance and adherence to industry standards. Our expertise is our commitment to our customers.

Low Voltage infrastructure includes the necessary physical layers to deploy and operate a network as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Take these different aspects for example.

  • Telecommunication Room Design
  • Equipment Room Configuration
  • Entrance Facilities Design
  • Horizontal Cabling Distribution Design
  • Backbone Cabling Distribution Design

These items are critical to an efficient and effective build out. Allow us to design or improve your structured cabling system will ensure that it will last for years to come. This is only a sampling of how our ITS low voltage consulting and commissioning services can work for you. We will tailor a program that best fits your enterprise needs, especially if you need a Denver commercial security systems.

Data Cabling | Commercial Security Systems


CCG Inc can provide the solution to all your network cabling needs. We have the resources to design and implement a voice and data network that is perfectly tailored to fit your companies’ specific requirements, not only for now, but also and possibly more importantly into the future if you might require Denver Commercial Security Systems. We understand the great importance of standard compliance and staying ahead of the curve therefore, we design every network with the future in mind.

Here at CCG Inc we know that investing in a new network cabling infrastructure, Denver commercial security systems, or upgrading an existing network infrastructure, can be expensive. Because of this it is our goal to design and implement a network for your company that is scalable and will not only endure but surpass the changes of the future. This will allow your company to continue to grow without the worries of your network cabling becoming deficient or, even worse, obsolete.

CCG Inc will provide all of your Layer 1 cabling requirements from Cat. 5E, Cat. 6, Cat. 6A and Fiber to the Desktop to multi-building and single-mode campus networking. We can perform demolition of old cabling, excavation, and conduit design. Catalyst Communications Group will install all backbone and horizontal distributions systems as well as the complete build out of all EF (Entrance Facilities), ER (Equipment Rooms), and TR (Telecommunications Rooms). This includes installing all types of relay racks, cabinets, FDU (Fiber Distributions Units), patch panels, ladder rack, cable tray systems, cable management, and the all-important proper grounding of all equipment. Catalyst Communications Group can also provide you with As-Build drawings of every TO’s (Telecommunications Outlet), EF (Entrance Facilities), ER (Equipment Rooms), and TR (Telecommunications Rooms) which is imperative to future MACs (moves, adds, and changes) you may require.

Because our Technicians and Installers here at CCG Inc have completed various state and national training courses we know we can provide your company the highest levels of quality, design, and installation that meet every aspect of the latest NEC, BISCI, and EIA/TIA standards.

Our Services:

  • Design and Build For:
  • Cat. 5E, Cat. 6, Cat 6A Horizontal Cabling ITS (Information Transportation Systems)
  • Copper and Fiber Optic Backbone Cabling (OSP/ISP)
  • Fiber Optic to the Desktop
  • Entrance Facilities (EF)
  • Telecommunications Rooms (TR)

Commercial Security Systems

A commercial security system is an extremely important aspect for the protection of your place of business or home. Here at Catalyst Communications we believe, with certainty, you will feel better knowing that there are early warning systems in place to inform you if your or home or place of business is in danger of being violated.

The team here at Catalyst Communications can address any and all of your security system needs. Our project managers will work with our systems designers to provide a custom system design that is specifically tailored to your exact requirements, including complete system design drawings and schematics to ensure everything is exact and correct.

From there we can install a state-of-the-art security system for your business that will accomplish everything that it is expected to! And maybe a few things you didn’t expect. You can take confidence in knowing that our data and security system technicians are manufacture trained, industry professionals with the working experience and industry knowledge you would expect from a full-service solutions provider.

Allow us to demonstrate how a security system from the Catalyst team can benefit your business in a variety of ways:

  1. Crime Deterrence:
    A comprehensive security system from the Catalyst team can help to cut down on in-house theft, such as shoplifting and employee theft.
  2. Customer Protection:
    Give your customers the added benefit and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have their best interest in mind by protecting what’s valuable to them, which of course is valuable to you!
  3. Legal Safeguard and Insurance Savings:
    A comprehensive security system and or life safety system from the Catalyst team can potentially help to lower overall insurance costs. Including providing video evidence in the unfortunate event of an insurance claim.
  4. Employee Working Conditions:
    A comprehensive security system and or life safety system from CCG Inc. can help to improve employee safety and overall employee productivity.

Commercial Security Systems and services we offer:
Intrusion Alarm and Monitoring
Access Control Systems, IP CCTV systems

Fiber Optic Cabling

Catalyst Communications Group specializes in every type of Fiber Optics design, installation, and maintenance. Our extremely qualified staff of designers, technicians and installers are here to take care of your every Fiber Optic need. Our technicians and installers are factory certified and field tested to provide our customers with the necessary expertise they expect when it comes to fiber optic cabling installation.

We can accommodate any fiber optic cabling need ranging from small LANs to large multi-building campus WANs, long haul, aerial and underground Fiber.

Catalyst Communications Group also specializes in Fiber Optics restoration. We can provide Fiber Optic fusion or mechanical splicing in any circumstance to bring your system back on line!

Our Services:

  • Design and Build For:
  • Fiber Optic Restoration
  • Site Survey
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Outside Plant and Inside Plant Cabling Services
  • Fiber Optic Backbone Cabling
  • Fiber Optics to the Desktop
  • Every Type of Fiber Optic termination method
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Mechanical Splicing
  • Trouble-Shooting and OTDR Services
  • Documentation and Reports
  • Wide Area and Local Area Network Mapping

Overview of Our 6-part Consulting and Commissioning Services:

  1. Review and establish needs. Formulate a scope of work, establish time frames and assign tasks.
  2. Develop your information transport system according to your company’s unique needs and requirements.
  3. Analyze multiple product lines to most effectively meet the unique needs of our customers. In this role we are truly vendor independent and can provide the best and most cost-effective products for our customers.
  4. We act as the owner representative: track costs, follow the scope of work, provide on-site inspections of installation practices, catalog job, etc.
  5. Verify that the structured cabling system performance needs meet the design intent. Review contractor test documentation; provide independent third-party verification of the test documents.
  6. Review “as built” documents and warranties. Outline all aspects of the job with Final Report presented to the customer.